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Summer Program


All Ages

Current enrollment is from 8 AM – 6 PM,

Monday - Friday.

Enrollment for the summer is as needed.  Select only the weeks and days needed for enrollment.  Only pay for the days that will be attended!

The Summer Program will have different Themes each week to encourage exploration and drive discovery and creativity.

Students will be taken outside daily.  All students need to bring appropriate gear for the weather (cold weather gear, rain gear, etc.).  They will be taken outside in the gear you provide.

Students will assist with food preparation (in appropriate and safe ways) at least once per week.  It is essential that ALL food allergies or sensitivities are listed on the registration form.  Students will assist with growing, harvesting, and composting of organic products.

There are pets on the premises (cats and a dog), which children will have access to.  Students who are allergic to pet dander or fur should seek a different preschool option. 

What to Bring

  • Outdoor clothing – appropriate for current weather

  • Any medical equipment (if applicable)

  • Cup with a top (sippy-cup style is best)

  • Change of clothing - should be appropriate to the season and must be labeled with child’s name.If your child uses the extra cloths, please replace the extra set by the next day of care.

  • Indoor shoes or socks – slip-on shoes, or a shoe the child can put on easily by themselves.

  • Quiet-time snuggle buddy (optional)


Year-Round Learning

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