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Fair Share

What is Fair Share?

At Creative Learning with Cady Lynn we learn about only taking what is fair.  This has a few applications in the Learning Center setting.

One of the applications is in our outdoor exploration.  We do so many nature activities, and sometimes we do collect parts of nature for those activities. We discuss what is fair to take from nature.  If everyone took a hand full of flowers, would there be any flowers left for other people to enjoy?  If we take all the leaves from the tree, how will the tree grow? - is that fair to the tree?  We talk a lot about what is fair for us to take, and what is better to leave in nature.

Another application is at meal time.  When we ask for a second helping of food, it is best if we consider if we are hungry and going to eat it.  Is it fair to ask for the last orange if I am not going to eat it?  Is it fair to ask for more food, but just throw it away?

The final application for fair share we discuss is sharing toys.  Sharing boxes are made for sharing - are we using our fair share if we use most of the blocks and only leave a few for our friend?

These fair share concepts will translate into community wide, national, and global concepts as children get older.

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