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COVID -19 Mitigation Plan

Your children and their safety are my number one priority! Below is my COVID-19 mitigation plan.  This plan is directed, and monitored by the Municipality of Anchorage Child Care Licensing Department.

Creative Learning with Cady Lynn COVID-19 Mitigation Plan, updated 5/18/2021


Drop off Protocol

  • Temperatures will be checked upon arrival

    • Children with an abnormal temperature will be sent home

  • Children will wash hands when they first arrive

  • All household members will take their temperature every morning

  • Parents are asked to wipe tablet after use (sanitizing wipes are provided)

Pick up Protocol

  • Parents are asked to wipe tablet after use (sanitizing wipes are provided)


  • Staff and Parents are asked to stay home if they have any symptoms of COVID-19

  • If staff/family suspects they have COVID-19 they can return after they have received a negative test result

    • No tuition will be charged for time away from the facility due to illness

    • Staff are guaranteed their job upon their return, after providing a negative test result

    • If children/family member of children are sick, but do not receive a test because it was thought their symptoms do not match the COVID-19 symptoms, the child is asked to stay home for a 14 day quarantine period to ensure everyone’s safety

    • If a child or family member living with the child is traveling, we ask they respect the 14 day quarantine period or provide a copy of their negative COVID-19 test, as is required to travel to Alaska.

  • If a household member, staff member, child in care, or family of child in care becomes sick with COVID-19, all employees and families will be immediately notified.

    • Pending on severity and situation, Creative Learning with Cady Lynn may close for a 14-day quarantine to ensure the virus does not spread

    • If, for some reason, we do not close, and a parent decides to keep their child home, no tuition will be charged for the time they say home.

  • If anyone tests positive for COVID-19 – staff, household member, child, or one of their family members – I am required by the state to report it immediately to my child care licensing specialist.

  • Postings

    • Postings are at the door requesting people with symptoms do not enter

    • Postings are sent out in the weekly email asking families with symptoms do not enter


Cleaning Protocols

  • All toys will be sanitized at least once per day

  • A popular toy or toys will be sanitized during an appropriate break or nap time, multiple times per day

  • All common surfaces will be sanitized frequently during high traffic times

    • Drop off

    • Pick up

    • Meals

    • Activities

  • Common surfaces include

    • Doorknobs

    • Light switches

    • Counter tops

    • Tables

    • Cubbies

  • Children will wash their hands

    • When arriving

    • Before/after eating

    • Before/after an activity

    • After coming in from outside

    • After putting their hands in their mouth

    • After picking their nose

    • After using the bathroom or having their diaper changed

  • Toys will be removed from the general space if it has been in a child’s mouth

  • Toys will be removed from the general space if it has been coughed on or sneezed on

  • The facility will be cleaned and sanitized daily.  Cleaning will include

    • Sweeping

    • Steam/sanitize moping

    • Vacuuming

    • Sanitizing all surfaces and toys with bleach solution

    • Scrubbing the toilet

    • Sanitizing all surfaces in bathroom and kitchen

    • Sanitizing step stools in bathroom and kitchen

    • Washing cloth hand towels

  • Face masks

    • All staff are vaccinated and do not have to wear a mask

    • All unvaccinated adults entering the center area asked to wear a mask

    • Vaccinated adults do not need to wear a mask

    • All children over the age of 2 will be introduced to face masks

      • They will be provided by CLCL

      • They will be washed and sanitized by CLCL

      • Children will be able to wear their assigned masks if they desire at appropriate times

  • We will not be bushing our teeth after lunch until further notice

State Mandates Require

  • Children grouped in group sizes of less than 20, with adults assigned to specific groups and limiting their group cross over

    • This is not applicable to Creative Learning with Cady Lynn – 8 children are on site, with 1 adult

    • No extra mitigation strategies are needed for staff because they will not be moving between groups of children

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