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Here at Creative Learning with Cady Lynn we are committed to providing care appropriate for all ages and abilities.  Parent accessibility is a vital part of the program.  Parents are always welcome at this facility.  Weekly newsletters are emailed to parents informing parents of what discoveries we have made for that week.  The Parent Portal is also available, enabling parents to access their child's account at any time.

We offer parent-teacher conferences every year!  At these conferences you can review the curriculum and your child's milestones with our easy to understand assessment packet.

Our mission is to support your child's growth and development and prepare them for the road ahead - Kindergarten!  We do not prepare children with work-sheets and production based tasks.  We focus on developing learning readiness and a love for learning.  Learning readiness is the key to learning.  If a child is ready and eager to learn, they will enter Kindergarten and thrive!


I use the knowledge obtained from my degree in Early Childhood Development to design custom learning plans for each child to support their individual growth and learning.

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