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My mission is to provide affordable preschool education to children focusing on creativity, imagination, exploration, renew-ability, and play.  I will strive to provide ample opportunities for children to learn in open, exploratory ways.  This program has been designed with earth conscientious families in mind.  Students will have daily exposure to nature, natural processes, music and movement.  Students will also be encouraged to use their creativity to explore, discover and imagine the possibilities.

5 day, 4 day, 3 day, and 2 day per week enrollment available!
Only 8 slots available.

Creative Learning with Cady Lynn, LLC offers year-round care, but follows ASD scheduled closures during the school year.

I am passionate about providing quality care to the children in my care.  I engage in play based learning techniques based on the interests of the children.  Learning through outdoor exploration and discovery is our focus.  I have obtained a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.  I use my knowledge from this degree to create custom learning plans to best support each child in their learning and developmental needs.

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How Do I Educate Your Child?

  • I create a custom learning plan

  • I constantly assess to insure learning plan is optimal

  • I use play and discovery as the foundation for learning

  • I support children's interests by making lessons around what they are interested in

  • I encourage children to support each other in their development

In The



Learn and Grown has 5 Levels - but only 2 are currently available.

The Learning Center is a LEVEL 2!  Go to the Parent link for more information. 

Summer Theme

Dr. Suess Theme

Outdoor Theme

Dinosaur Theme

Gardening Theme

Music and Movement Theme

Fall Theme 1

Magnificent Me!

I am --- inches tall.

I am --- years old.

I love ---!

We are going to learn all about ourselves! 

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