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My Mission


My mission is to provide affordable preschool education to children focusing on creativity, imagination, exploration, renewability, and play.  I will strive to provide ample opportunities for children to learn in open, explorative ways.  This program has been designed with earth conscientious families in mind.  Students will have daily exposure to nature, natural processes, music and movement.  Students will also be encouraged to use their creativity to explore, discover and imagine the possibilities.

My Learning Philosophy 


Children learn best when provided opportunities Create, Explore, and Discover.


The ability to create uninhibited allows children to develop problem solving skills, deductive reasoning, and their creativity. This program allows children to create freely and encourages creative expression. 


The ability to explore our surroundings allows children to develop their critical thinking skills, their initiative and curiosity skills, and expand their awareness of their world. This program encourages children to explore and ask questions about their findings.


The ability to discover in a supportive environment allows children to develop all their skills: motor development, learning approaches, social/emotional development, cognition and general knowledge, and communication, language, and literacy. This program encourages children to seek out and discover.

The philosophy of Creative Learning with Cady Lynn is to support and promote each child in their individual development through creativity, exploration, and discovery. 

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