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Learning through movement, play, and exploration.

Dear Families,

After 10 years of providing quality early childhood education in Anchorage, I will be closing at the end of the spring session to pursue another professional opportunity. The last day of care will be Friday, May 26th. I am so thankful you have trusted me with the care of your children. I feel grateful to have been welcomed by you to be part of their growth and development.

Thank you again for trusting me with the care and education of your beautiful children.

Best Regards,

Cady Lynn

How Do I Educate Your Child?

  • I create a custom learning plan

  • I constantly assess to insure learning plan is optimal

  • I use play and discovery as the foundation for learning

  • I support children's interests by making lessons around what they are interested in

  • I encourage children to support each other in their development

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